Mis-Sold Investment Claims


Being mis-sold an investment can feel like a nightmare situation. You may have saved up for many years and managed to build up some sizeable personal savings, but then a company approaches you with advice on how best to generate further income from your capital. They could have advised you to invest in a particular product or scheme, and then the worst imaginable situation unfolds; the product underperforms, collapses or generates no profit. Thousands of people have been put in this position by banks, independent financial advisors and investment sales agents without being informed of all of the risks that this serious financial decision carries. This is investment mis-selling.

Whilst losing hard-earned savings can feel overwhelming, there is hope in the form of a mis-sold investment claim. There are well-established frameworks in place to reclaim lost funds if you were mis-sold an investment product and not informed of all of the risks. If you have a reason to believe you were mis-sold an investment product, then arranging an assessment of your situation is the first place to start.

So how exactly does investment mis-selling occur? Whether you are a beginner to investments or an experience professional, it may not be immediately obvious that you’ve been mis-sold. In fact, for a lot of investors, they only realise when it’s too late and their funds have gone down the drain. When considering an investment, you should only take advice from someone who is knowledge in the subject and is qualified to provide financial advice.

Financial advisers should protect your financial interests, especially if you are considering an investment that is more than you can handle. However, whether through greed or negligence, the advice you receive may be inadequate. When giving advice, advisers should take into account various factors such as whether you are a sophisticated investor, a high net-worth earner, and willing to take risks with your money. These factors can influence the advice that is best suited to you. If they didn’t inform you about the risks involved, or about how your money will be invested, or if the product failed to suit your needs or attitude to risk, then you may have been mis-sold an investment.

Mis-sold investment claims have risen in recent years and that’s why we’re committed to making sure consumers like yourself receive compensation to recover the losses accrued from the mis-selling. We are dedicated experts in mis-sold investment claims. We promise to offer a friendly and reliable service and will keep you up-to-date every step of the way. If you feel you have been mis-sold, don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your situation and advise on how best to proceed with your options.

Types of Mis-Sold Investments We Can Assist With

We can assist with a wide range of cases but here are some of the most common types of mis-sold investments: