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LEADING UK FINANCIAL CLAIMS COMPANY We are a financial claims company that works with customers across multiple industry sectors to secure the money they deserve - with a speciality in mis-sold financial products. Start Your Claim »

A Financial Claims Company That Stands for and Represents Fairness

When disaster strikes and our clients realise they have been mis-sold or mislead we are here to help. Our dedicated team has a broad understanding of financial compensation claims and have worked with numerous clients to secure fair and speedy financial justice.

Mis-Sold Pensions

Disreputable IFAs and pension transfer brokerages have caused havoc by mis-selling pension products to retail investors. We undo the harm and secure compensation.

Mis-Sold Mortgages

Simply put, all lenders and brokers must follow guidelines when it comes to advising a customer on which mortgage to take. For those that haven't we can help you seek justice.

Mis-Sold Investments

Retail investors have been targeted by a number of fraudulent investment schemes and defrauded out of their life savings. We help investors recover lost funds.

Other Claims

If you feel you have been mis-sold a financial product or pressured into making a financial decision you don't agree with, our financial claims company may be able to help.

About Us

Our Mission is to Help Redress Financial Deception by Securing
Fair Compensation

AM1 is a UK leading financial claims company, operating in multiple financial sectors with key commercial partners. We fight on behalf of consumers in respect of the widespread, and usually commission-fuelled, world of mis-sold financial products. We’re constantly looking to improve our industry expertise to continue winning million of pounds for ordinary customers all over the UK.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Any successful financial claim starts with understanding exactly how you were mis-sold and who perpetrated the mis-selling. We start the process by talking to you and building a case file which, if criteria is met, progresses to become a formal financial claim against the individual/business in question.

We deal with a range of mis-sold financial cases ranging from mis-sold pensions and mortgages to consumer compensation class actions. We’re constantly expanding our areas of expertise.

Our pricing model varies from claim to claim. We recommend contacting us to discuss your case in more detail at which point we can run through the pricing options available.

We are fully registered with the FCA (FRN765473) and follow all of their official guidelines and protocols when handling claims cases.

We have vast experience in the claims sector. We use all of the details you provide to us to determine if you have been mis-sold and, if so, we will take your case on and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Follow our latest news and thoughts which focuses exclusively on the claims management sector and also our latest service updates. We aim to stay abreast of all of the latest developments in the industry so that we can deliver the best service to our clients.

Experts in Key Financial Mis-Selling Sectors

We understand the needs for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality whilst we seek financial parity for you, our customer. We follow FCA and GDPR regulations to the letter to ensure our cases are dealt with to a consistently high standard regardless of size or perceived importance.