Mis-Sold Pension Claims


The next big financial scandal to hit the UK is undoubtedly mis-sold pensions. Research conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority revealed that 12.5% who received financial advice over the last 12 months has been mis-sold an investment or pension product. When a financial advisor or a pension transfer firm advises you to move your pension, cash out your pension early or make any other material change to your existing pension without providing you with a clear outline of the risks of doing so then you have probably been mis-sold.

Such advice can often lead to your pension losing value and/or you being charged exorbitant fees. This is where AM1 comes in, we assess your case to determine if you are able to reclaim lost value or incurred fees in order to right the wrong of your mis-selling party.

Types of Mis-Sold Pensions We Can Assist With

We can assist with a wide range of cases but here are some of the most common types of mis-sold pensions: