Mis-Sold Mortgage Claims


With a vast array of mortgage types and options to choose from the decision of which mortgage is best for you is often quite bewildering. Mortgage brokers and independent financial advisors claim to bring clarity to this situation but a large proportion of so-called ‘mortgage experts’ have their own agenda. They will attempt to sell you a mortgage product based on the commission rates they’re paid by banks. This often leads to firms selling you less desirable mortgage products, such as interest only mortgages, when this might not have been the best solution for you.

The financial damage of proceeding with a mortgage that has been mis-sold can be substantial but the good news is there are established frameworks in place for you to reclaim lost funds. If you have a reason to believe you were mis-sold mortgage then arranging an assessment of your situation is the first place to start.

Types of Mis-Sold Mortgages We Can Assist With

We can assist with a wide range of cases but here are some of the most common types of mis-sold mortgages: